Operations Management

This course provides a basic introduction to concepts and techniques relating to the design and management of operating systems - both manufacturing and service oriented. There is an emphasis on developing the students' problem-solving and decision-making skills as they relate to the operations function in the organization. Main topics include systems design, facilities planning, organization design, production processes, labour standards and measurement, aggregate and production planning and control, inventory planning and control, quality management, and project management. A variety of quantitative techniques are introduced to help in analysis and decision making. These include computer simulation, forecasting models, regression analysis, queuing models, decision theory, and inventory models. PREREQ: COMM 1006/1007, STAT 1056/COMM 1057, COMM 1106/1107, ECON 1006/ECON 1007 and admission to the upper years of the program. (sem 3) cr 6. Students may not retain credit for both COMM 2055 and COMM 2056/2057.

Commerce & Administration