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Communication Studies

Seek to understand how we people gather, share, understand and use information in our ever-evolving society

While studying Communications Studies, students use a variety of approaches to understand how knowledge and culture are produced and reflected in speech, writing, television, film, radio, digital media and interactive entertainment, the internet, and wireless networks.

The Communication Studies program is particularly strong in media and culture studies where we take a critical approach to the topic, as well as the study of information and communication technology (ICTs) and their related issues.

Conseiller ou conseillère aux études

Dr. Janis Goldie

Téléphone : 705.673.4126 x 213

Courriel : jgoldie@huntingtonu.ca

Bureau : Secretary: Dawn Noel de Tilly, 705.673.4126 x 201

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Communication Studies is a four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Arts. Students have the option to pursue a specialization, a major, or a minor in Communication Studies. Within these options, students enjoy a great deal of flexibility in their course selections and are able to pursue study paths that are appealing to their unique interests. Communication Studies students also have a number of options in their learning path. They may choose to pursue a course-based curriculum, include a research focus or follow a path of specialization in Public Relations.

A unique feature of our program in Communication Studies is the many academic and career options it offers students. Combining theoretical knowledge of communication theories with practical skills, this program is designed to allow students to customize their educational paths based on personal interests and career goals. Graduates of various college programs in journalism, public relations, advertising and graphic design may also take advantage of our program in Communication Studies. Students who enroll through this pathway will complete a set of core communications courses, offering academic breadth and depth that complement the professional formation received at college.

The department of Communication Studies prides itself on its personable and collaborative approach to both teaching and learning. Our faculty truly enjoys teaching, and being in the classroom is a passion. Much of the learning in our courses comes from participation in class discussion, exercises and activities, and the use of various media culture for illustrative purposes. The overall learning environment is contingent on students’ active engagement.

Graduates of the program are flexible and articulate communicators, communication analysts and communication researchers in a wide variety of academic, public and professional contexts. Graduates have acquired a deep understanding of the complex world of communication, its dynamics and its impact on contemporary societies and cultures. They have gained the tools to explore, evaluate, and critically analyze various aspects and intersections of communication systems, skills in communication analysis and the ability to communicate ideas effectively and clearly.

Note pour les étudiants actuels

Les options de grade ci-dessous seront offertes lors de la prochaine année universitaire et ne le sont pas cette année. Si vous cherchez les cours à suivre afin de compléter les options d'un programme d'une année universitaire antérieure, svp consultez avec un conseiller académique.

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