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Nurse Practitioner (M.Sc.N./G.Dip)

Carve a career in “the finest of fine arts” with the compassion, understanding, and tenacity of Florence Nightingale.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

Watch: The role of a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner(NP-PHC) explained

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Academic Advising

Téléphone : (705) 673-6569 or 1-800-461-4030

Courriel : MScN-NP@laurentian.ca

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The Nurse Practitioner Primary Health Care Program at Laurentian University is approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario (www.cno.org). Current graduates from this program are eligible to apply for Extended Class registration as a Nurse Practitioner in Ontario.


Visit the School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions for more information

  • A minimum of two years (3640 hours) of full-time practice, as a Registered Nurse, within the past five years
  • A recognized BScN degree (or the equivalent for RNs educated outside of Ontario)
  • An overall average of 75% (GPA).
  • Current certificate of registration as a registered nurse with the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Successful applications must be Ontario residents as program placements must be done within the province. 
  • Successful applicants must be living within the Laurentian University placement area. See this website for more details. 
  • Preference will also be given to those whose work experience in nursing has been continuous and who have practical experience in one or more of the following areas: primary health care, ambulatory care settings, public health agencies, community health centres, emergency care, long-term care, or outpost nursing.


This is a limited enrolment program. Possession of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

NOTE:  Students who have already achieved a master's degree may receive credits for some of the courses in the MScN/NP program. Please note this in your Personal Essay and Curriculum Vitae.


Application Process

Step 1. Click here to submit the online application. Once students have applied, they will receive instructions (typically within 48 hours) from the Office of Admissions leading them to the MyLaurentian portal. Students can access the portal at my.laurentian.ca; sign in credentials will be provided in the correspondence received from the Office of Admissions upon successful completion of an application. The following documents will be required in order to complete an application.


  • Three Reference Clinical Forms (to begin the process at my.laurentian.ca click on "Reference Submission" on the left-hand navigation menu)
  • Personal Essay (instructions found in MyLaurentian/to be uploaded via MyLaurentian)
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume AND Declaration of employment hours of work. Original documentation is required. A minimum of 3640 hours worked in the last 5 years is required. (to be uploaded via MyLaurentian)
  • Official Academic Transcript(s) from all post-secondary studies* (Please note that current or prior Laurentian University students do not need to request transcripts)  

*Please note that official transcripts or WES course-by-course (for institutions attended outside of North America) must come directly to the Office of Admissions from the previous post-secondary institution by requesting at the time of your application or by contacting the institution's Registrar's Office.


Step 2. Once the Admissions Office receives all information and the application is deemed complete, the application will be forwarded to the department.  An Admissions Committee meets to review the applications.


Step 3. The Admissions Committee will review all applications on file and make a decision regarding the suitability of each applicant.  The Admissions Committee will then make a recommendation to the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Laurentian University. The Graduate Studies office will verify the dossier and if satisfactory, the Dean of Graduate Studies will forward the recommendation to the Office of Admissions at Laurentian University for admission. 


Step 4: If approved for admission, the Office of Admissions will send the student an Offer of Admission via MyLaurentian.  Applicants wishing to accept the offer of admission must indicate their response on MyLaurentian within 3 weeks of receiving the offer. Once the student has accepted the offer, a transition to the registration process occurs.

Note pour les étudiants actuels

Les options de grade ci-dessous seront offertes lors de la prochaine année universitaire et ne le sont pas cette année. Si vous cherchez les cours à suivre afin de compléter les options d'un programme d'une année universitaire antérieure, svp consultez avec un conseiller académique.

Students must follow these regulations while in the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner (PHCNP) (M.Sc.N.)  (ALSO OFFERED ONLINE)

Approved Fields of Study:

  • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner


Program of Study

Required courses:

NURS-5106EL-Nursing Research I
NURS-5107EL-Nursing Research II
NURS-5126EL-Health Care Policy and Nursing Practice In Northern, Rural and Remote Environment
NURS-5306EL-Pathophysiology for Nurse Practitioners
NURS-5316EL-Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Roles and Responsibilities
NURS-5326EL-Therapeutics in Primary Health Care I
NURS-5327EL-Therapeutics in Primary Health Care II
NURS-5356EL-Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis I
NURS-5357EL-Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis II
NURS-5395EL-Integrative Practicum


NP Program Regulations

  • All NP courses must be completed successfully before enrolling in the NURS 5395 Integrative Practicum.
  • A minimum 70% is required to pass each NP course.
  • Students who fail an NP course will have only one opportunity to repeat the failed course successfully.
  • Students who fail a repeated NP course or fail a second NP course will be withdrawn from the NP program.
  • Successful completion of all clinical placements is necessary in order to pass NP courses.
  • Unless otherwise specified for the NP courses and program, Laurentian University academic regulations specific to the School of Nursing apply.
  • Students must have completed all of their clinical hours prior to writing their final exams or OSCE testing.
  • The NP program also follows the NP specific policies found at www.np-education.ca
  • As per Laurentian University policies, absence from 20% or more of any required course seminars, clinical etc. will constitute a failure in the course.


For courses requirements for each PHCNP (MScN) program, please see Degree Options.

NURS-5106EL - Nursing Research I NURS-5107EL - Nursing Research II NURS-5126EL - Health Care Policy and Nursing Practice In Northern, Rural and Remote Environment NURS-5306EL - Pathophysiology for Nurse Practitioners NURS-5316EL - Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Roles and Responsibilities NURS-5326EL - Therapeutics in Primary Health Care I NURS-5327EL - Therapeutics in Primary Health Care II
NURS-5356EL - Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis I NURS-5357EL - Advanced Health Assessment and Diagnosis II NURS-5395EL - Integrative Practicum - - -