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Become a valued member of the healthcare team as you build a career in nursing.


There is the opportunity to become a Registered Nurse following successful completion of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) program at Laurentian.

The BScN program prepares students to meet the complex needs of individuals in ever-changing healthcare environments. This program is accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing and approved by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

The program combines knowledge from health sciences (biology, chemistry), social sciences (psychology, sociology), nursing science, and electives of interest to a student. Through hands-on experiences in the classroom, laboratory, and healthcare settings, students develop required nursing competencies while working independently, with their peers, and with seasoned nurses. As students learn, they positively shape the health and well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities in Northeastern Ontario. 

After successfully completing all BScN degree requirements, students can apply for their nursing registration with the College of Nurses of Ontario or any other College of Nurses in Canada.

Eligible BScN students can continue their studies in the Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) program at Laurentian.

Take the first step towards a high-demand and fulfilling nursing career. Apply to the BScN program at Laurentian University today!

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Hands-on learning through classroom case studies and laboratory simulations assists students in developing critical thinking, clinical judgement, and nursing skills for real-world practice.
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Deliver safe and quality nursing care in clinical practice learning placements beginning in the first term of study. Students develop an understanding of the varied nursing roles and competencies through their practice in long-term care, acute, and non-acute settings across the program.
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In addition to preparing students for direct entry into nursing practice following BScN graduation, there is an opportunity for early entry into the Master of Science in Nursing (MScN) program at Laurentian.

Perspectives de carrière

A Registered Nurse in Ontario is required to fulfill nine roles. The roles are clinician, professional, communicator, collaborator, coordinator, advocate, leader, educator, and scholar. The 101 nursing competencies associated with these roles can lead to different career options including:

  • direct care of hospitalized patients and individuals living in long-term care or their home in the community
  • public health
  • leadership positions
  • teaching positions
  • research positions
  • advanced practice nursing with completion of graduate nursing education
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Thinking of applying to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program? Look no further than the English BScN program at Laurentian University. I considered Laurentian as the best place to pursue my interests as I was born and raised in northern Ontario. As a 2024 BScN graduate, I can attest to the program’s commitment to enriched education through optimal learning opportunities. As a program shaped by professional standards, it required much concentrated time and energy. Yet, support is available to promote academic success. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to provide nursing care to clients in the first term of the program. With each semester, acute and non-acute learning experiences with a variety of clients across the lifespan were possible. In my final year of study, I had extensive placements in two different nursing settings of interest to further develop my nursing knowledge and skills. All the direct clinical practice and nursing laboratory learning contributed to my confidence and proficiency as a BScN graduate. Laurentian University also offers many extra-curricular activities - whether it be participating in different clubs and or sports, and enjoying nature trail walks. In addition to being a member of one of Laurentian’s teams, I also was involved in the Nursing Student Association. Such experiences have afforded me long-term friendships and a well-rounded student life.

Enjoying my undergraduate nursing education so much fueled my decision to pursue Laurentian’s graduate nursing program. As a BScN student, I fell in love with the profession and am excited by its varied career possibilities. I highly recommend future BScN students to apply to Laurentian University.

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