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Éléments clés

Study not only the physical features of the land, but also the structure of cities, global economies and markets, as well as political climates and changes around the globe
Take advantage of opportunities to travel to locations such as Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Pickering and Toronto, United States, Cuba, Mexico, Africa, China, and Jamaica
Dedicated faculty, and access to a computer lab with current spatial software packages and a map library contribute to your success

Perspectives de carrière

Geographic information systems analysis, urban planning, cartographic specialists, business allocation analysis and target marketing, aquatic ecology, ecosystem analysis, health geography and medical spatial analysis, claims mapping, geology and mineral spatial analysis, water management, economic development, environmental analysis, land-use planning, resource management, social policy analysis, climatology and meteorological analysis, cultural studies, Aboriginal studies, industrial location analysis, civil service, teaching, graduate studies.

What our students have to say

Scott Youngblut, Multidisciplinary Hydrographer, Canadian Hydrographic Service Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Burlington, Ontario
"I think that my education at Laurentian provided me with the tools and the confidence to succeed in my career.  I also feel that the Geography Program has a great family atmosphere where you are supported during your tenure and still feel welcomed years later.  I would recommend it to anyone seeking a solid Geographical educatoin as well as a great University experience... and I have."


Nadia M. De Santi, MSc.PI, MCIP, RPP, Intermediate Planner, FoTenn Consultants Inc., Ottawa, Ontario
"It is here at Laurentian where I have been fortunate to enhance my knowledge of so many facets of Geography.  Many say 'Oh you are in Geography, so you must know all the rivers and mountains' - as Geography students we know this is only partially true.  Geography also means learning about different cultures and where the faculty, satff and students are from various ethnic backgrounds.  The Geography Program at Laurentian is a microcosm of our diverse world."


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