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Chemistry of Earth Materials

This course provides a quantitative treatment of selective chemical and mineralogical processes important in understanding the chemistry of the Earth. This will include the use of phase diagrams to review the chemical variation from the mantle of the Earth to its crust and the classification of rocks based on its chemistry and mineral assemblages. Metamorphic and metasomatic processes will be considered briefly. Also included will be the application of aqueous chemistry using Eh-pH and activity or concentration diagrams to investigate the processes of weathering of silicate rocks and mineral deposits. This section will also include the formation of clays and soils. The chemistry of the oceans will be dealt with briefly. PREREQ: GEOL 1006/1007 or GEOL 1021/1022. (lec 3) cr 3. Not available for credit in the B.Sc. Earth Sciences or Environmental Earth Sciences programs.

Earth Sciences