Business Policy

The course deals with a broad range of issues regarding the general management of organizations. It includes the study of the organizational systems and processes used to establish overall organizational goals and objectives and to formulate, implement, and control the strategies and policies necessary to achieve these goals and objectives. The course commences with an introduction framework and methodology of strategic management in Business and non-Business sectors. Specific topics covered include : (1) the strategic management framework; (2)organizational and environmental analysis and diagnosis; and (3) strategy formulation, evaluation and choice. Special attention will be conferred to the application of concepts and methods introduced and to the development of practical solutions to complex organizational problems. The particular emphasis is placed upon the development of an internal capability profile which would enable organizations to cope with the changing environment and implementation of formulated strategies. In the content of strategic management, students are required to proceed to an industry study and description and analysis of a concrete strategic situation. Prerequisite: COMM 2017, COMM 2027, COMM 2037 and COMM 2047, or COMM 2035 and COMM 2045 (or COMM 2046 and HROB 2001). (cst 3) cr 6

Commerce & Administration